by Chalk



And for his dentists sake
He lays awake and contemplates
When his toothache made him late
And he lost his job

Out on a limb they'll crawl
It bends, it breaks and they all fall
Consequently your missed call
Won't strengthen my jaw

Trying to explain without
The words that I cannot pronounce
I'll chew them up and spit them out
Did I say that right?

All the thoughts you keep inside
Ride the bounds of shame and pride
Build them up and choose them wise
Nothing will suffice

When you're not around
I'll pull down my shroud
Say the words out loud
Making myself proud

Is this the closedown that's been leading up
Open hallway but the door is shut
All the books turn into paper cuts
Maybe that's just how they picture us


released 05 May 2014



all rights reserved


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