Future Sport

by Chalk



Feel the wind of a different season
They want to win I want to break even
My fault if the spell comes true
Pole vault if you tell me to

Everyone has a different reason
When they're leaving to call it an evening
Summersault if we can't undo
The winter salt in the avenue

Empty words so hard to believe in
Lose their meaning as soon as you speak them
Hiding out in your half truths
To keep the panic from grabbing you

From subsequent blowback
You think that you would know that
Severed limbs don't grow back
And studies they have shown that

A backpack packed
With a heavy stack of books
Bends your back right back'
To the way it used to look

Now you're sugar filled and thrown back
Running laps on the track
Creasing out and old map
Thinking to yourself that

A walk back home
Isn't all too far away
Set the clock right now
'Cuz it's time to count your days

You lost your mind
But I kept mine
In somewhere cold
And hard to find
Fleshless phantoms fumble for
The ageless prize of future sport

The tensions high
I let it climb
Above the walls
They look behind
Rapid patrons full support
of rising numbers on the board

Have you picked a losing team?
The team has lost its team esteem
It's dying down or so it seems
Applause is dull behind the screens

The stats are stacked
Like the pages in a book
Leaves the whole room packed
With a steady vacant look

It's overturned and turning out
He knew what he was on about
It's too hard to live without
A sober sense of crippling doubt

A walk Out There
In a dangerous kind of way
Sets the clock back now
Will it ever be the same?

The ins and outs
And in betweens
The moments in
Your magazine
Goings on off of the court
Reduce to tawdry news reports
There's no story they won't record
No words that they can't distort
Games are long and tempers short
'Cuz When they're bored they're really bored


released 24 April 2014



all rights reserved


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