Haunted House

by Chalk

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    releases 31 October 2014

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Car Song
Stunt Doubles
Our Kansas Life
Power Blue
Haunted House (Part 1)
Haunted House (Part 2)


releases 31 October 2014

Chalk is
Michael Voller - Vocals, Guitar
Anthony Casey - Guitars, Vocals
Jake Schemm - Bass, Vocals
Forrest Fritz-Storhaug - Drums

Shea Bartel - Saxophone on tracks 9 & 11

All songs written by Chalk except track 2
which was compiled by Zach Thayer



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Invisible Lines
How can I get you to go
When you're in my bones
And your ghost still haunts my home
Am I better off alone?
Then how can I get you to stay
Long after you've gone away
And you're never return
To the bridges I have burned
And your ghost still haunts my home
Am I better off alone?

Invisible lines
Are the easiest kind
To cross and cross again
When you can't see where they end
You're visibly kind
In sight but out of mind
Out of feeling, out of heart
Or so they say

There's no need to put that face on
For another pointless face off
While you're here let's face it
You've found an apt replacement
You say I should be fine
And this happens all the time
And I should take that time
To clear my troubled mind
Take a day, take two
Take three, take a goddamned eternity

Hate me all the way to infinity
Take me a goddamned eternity

Do you remember when
You walked across the eggshells
Holding your breath
Just to tell me oh well
Do you remember then
Now we're both in hell
Holding our breath
We're screaming for help
Track Name: Lake Sedge
Will you feed my lines?
Tongue tied I ate my words for breakfast
Eyes closed no direction
Would you kindly show me to the exit?

I’ve been getting so tired
From sleeping in the daytime
Then pulling long nights
Planning out my short sights

Pockets full of lake sedge
From trailing on the river’s edge
Ask me how I’m feeling
Been counting dots on the ceiling

But now they have letters for
Numbers they don’t have numbers for
Top buttons to scratch floors
Eager eyes to open Drawers

Yeah it’s been hard to speak
With my tongue in my cheek
I promise I won’t hurt you
It just might take some work to
Build an understanding
On foundations of poor planning
I found the ratio I’ll play it safe
But It’s too late to lay in wait

And I could lay another brick
On walls that grow so thick
Just to paint them with your shadow
Cast out from a spiral … but
Who can tell us who your favorite mathematician is
Let’s find out where an ancient mathematician lives
Let’s hope what he says
Isn’t too complex

If the numbers are real
Then it’s all been determined
Why do I feel
So uncertain
[Door’s always open
Been steady hoping you’d stop by]
The quicker you spread ‘em
The sooner you forget ‘em
The further you spread ‘em
The faster you’ll regret ‘em