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by Chalk

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Magic Mirror 03:33
Unhealthy that I’d catch you Chewing on my statue Made from magic mirror The second time it’s clearer A deer jumped through my windshield On my way to Richfield Down South beats the wind chill Cold hands on the warm wheel It’s only wrong if you say it’s wrong If you want me gone I’m already gone We can chew the awkward polygon We can chew this awkward polygon Oh-oh-ah-wah-ah-ah Oh-oh-ah-wah-ah-ah So I went down in a submarine And everything I found was so routine A Spanish crown that I’d never seen Just another dubloom in the gold machine Buh-buh-buh Buh-buh-buh Everyone you envy is good looking Dig a little deeper you’re missing something All your friends they ain’t bad either If I had to choose I would pick neither And you tell me that’s not an option We’re indecision and we come here often You can give me preferential treatment At the very least some better seating
Future Sport 04:37
Feel the wind of a different season They want to win I want to break even My fault if the spell comes true Pole vault if you tell me to Everyone has a different reason When they’re leaving to call it an evening Summersault if we can’t undo The winter salt in the avenue Empty words so hard to believe in Lose their meaning as soon as you speak them Hiding out in your half truths To keep the panic from grabbing you From subsequent blowback You think that you would know that Severed limbs don’t grow back And studies they have shown that A backpack packed with a heavy stack of books Bends your back right back To the way it used to look Now you’re sugar-filled and thrown back Running laps on the track Creasing out an old map Thinking to yourself that A walk back home isn’t all too far away Set your clock right now ‘Cuz it’s time to count your days You lost your mind but I kept mine In somewhere cold and hard to find Fleshless phantoms fumble for The ageless prize of future sport The tension’s high I let it climb Above the walls they look behind Rabid patrons’ full support Of rising numbers on the board Have you picked a losing team The team has lost its team esteem It’s dying down or so it seems Applause is dull behind the screens The stats are stacked Like the pages in a book Leaves the whole room packed With a steady vacant look It’s overturned and turning out He knew what he was on about It’s too hard to live without A sober sense of crippling doubt A walk Out There In a dangerous kind of way Sets the clock back now Will it ever be the same? The ins and outs and in-betweens The moments in your magazines Goings on off of the court Reduce to tawdry news reports There’s no story they won’t record No words that they can’t distort Games are long and tempers short ‘Cuz when they’re bored, they’re really bored
Notebooks 04:37
QWERTY and DVORAK Won’t give you your words back They both went Down the carpal tunnel I’m hurting but I’m on track Can’t live in my setbacks They can’t win Blame it on the suspect Caught them typing on your keyboard They knew all your passwords They got to Files that we forgot Through screens of the next day Find out what your texts say It’s not safe Write it in a notebook It might be selfish But I must reject objective truth It’s through this point of view That I can find the meaning to All the comics in the notebooks that I leave for you My heart’s the page and you’re the pen And you are bleeding through When we find we’re in approximate proximity Lose half my breath because I can’t tell if you’re into me Lose both my feet because I’m drawn in by your gravity I’ve fallen over I can’t bring myself to follow through I’ve fallen over I can’t bring myself to follow through I can’t count on myself just enough to count on you It’s not my fault that I had to fall in love with you I’ve fallen over I can’t bring myself to follow through (Are you going Down like me When you’re floating Around like me) Smart phones are getting smarter Computers getting smaller And here I am the same old guy The future’s burning brighter The margin’s getting wider And there I go just scraping by For fear of being narrow We broke from the college rule The pages, they stay the same size We wrote down our old thoughts Our to-dos our have-nots Is ink worth the time bought? (Yep/nope) Oh, Mead Five Star graph-ruled notebooks are all I really need
Garbage 04:51
Amongst the ferns and oaks The saplings we had hoped Would grow so tall had roped Themselves to the branches we broke On the fires that we stoked The kindling turned to smoke He had a plan he spoke The water slid down our throats Cast his eyes on the littered ground Curled his lips made approval sounds I don't know how to slow things down Now we're moving out of town Ooo-ahh, ooo-ahh (Stage exit frequent buyers Your exit sign is red You're spending all your nice time Underneath the cold black bridge) A half-baked, back-burned project You just don't have the time A lonely piece of garbage Floats on down the waste pipeline Turned your back to the whole prospect You can't fulfill your plans The streets are filled with garbage And you're no garbage man False from your garbage hands Let's all do the garbage dance If you won't help me Then who will? My heart's a lake You're my oil spill We got a problem Our time won't kill When it's too fake It becomes so real You're my oil spill You're my oil spill
Shroud 06:15
And for his dentists sake He lays awake and contemplates When his toothache made him late And he lost his job Out on a limb they’ll crawl It bends it breaks and they all fall Consequently your missed call Won’t strengthen my jaw Trying to explain without All the words I can’t pronounce I'll (chew/spit) them up and (spit/chew) them out Did I say that right? All those words you keep inside Ride the bounds of shame and pride Build them and choose them wise Nothing will suffice (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh) When you’re not around I’ll pull down my shroud Say the words out loud Making myself proud Is this the closedown that’s been leading up Open hallway but the door is shut All the words turn into paper cuts Maybe that’s just how they picture us
Seat Belts 04:20
They move too slow I don't think I'll make it But I'm alright I'm nearly finished I give up at the beginning If I lose control I'll burn out, I'll spin out Catch some light And be diminished I was fine when I was winning Can I speak directly? This winter upset me In the car that my friends drive It's cold out there but it's warm inside Are you gonna arrest me? Walk home on my own feet From the wreck where we nearly died Thank seat belts that we're still alive The colors that you picked Look like a Dorito chip I'll try to keep my cool But my eyes are fixed On your dirty sink I think the porcelain's chipped Those brand new shoes they shipped Were cheap they'll lose their grip Here's hoping you don't slip On the ice we found And now we're underground Our bodies safe and sound
Losing sleep that you can’t nap back Waving bye-bye to the bureaucrat Reaching up to a higher level You could try another year at that Working harder than the devil Calculating every single act A cleaner shirt looking more disheveled You could try another year at that (I’ll be okay In my own way I’ll be okay What’s one more day?) Superiors have banished him He’s stuck in middle management Still he’s proud, he’ll brandish it But has his heart abandoned him? Every day at his desk He mostly fears what happens next Still he tries his very best But will they ever end the test? Ulterior motives have Increased the scope of his grab Still he has more than he had But if he jumps will he land? Every night through window panes He sees their eyes, he feels afraid Still he’s alive and plans are made But if he’s late will he be saved? Will he be saved? I have one lesson I can teach Keep your head down and don’t dare speak Hours divide up your whole week Stay on, I know you’ll earn your keep Insiders guard their trade secrets Take mine it looks like you need it I saw you eyeing my office Take mine I know that you want it (And when you want it That’s when you know I thought you bought it Paid for my soul) Wracked my mind and my bones Swinging swords at my clones Folded into the crease Caught a healthy disease Shattered glass that mattered most When raised to the battered host (Ooo-ooo) Tell me, are you hurt? Don’t you know it could be worse ‘Cuz my shoes are tracking dirt And the coffee hasn’t been made
Are you ever gonna let it go? Will you delete your notes? Half the pages are yellowed and old Are you ever gonna let it go? Help me I know where the bus ridden Tell me Have I made the right decision? Help me So far away the car was driven Tell me Are some things still unforgiven? Unstuck in time but not position It takes a strong man Holding up the strawman I can hear the tendrils Crawling in the dark It takes a grown man Acting as an old man Feeling different now Finding new ways out If I care soon I will surely resume Learning about how To feel indifferent now In the spare room That was where I found you All the worn utensils Traced cardioids for hearts Just when you thought you had lost it all That’s when you know you have further to fall And you realize with rising clarity The striking similarity Between a dormitory and a hospital Just when you felt you had gotten away That’s when you know you have longer to stay And you feel like Nothing is the substitute for something That was never there Oh no Turn it off, turn it on You’re set to reset Turn it on, turn it off
Water 02:36
I Know 05:13
I wrote it down in a book And I buried it I looked Twenty feet underground Where I’m hiding now Some things aren’t worth finding out For yourself, for your health Or for anyone else’s I can’t help it (ohhhh) I needed proof of progress I reached my roof of knowledge And to my dull amazement I’m still beneath your basement I hear the floorboards creaking I hear the voices speaking I see the curtains creasing Sharply and all your secrets Spill out like bottled water Find out when it gets hotter Wait there for half an hour I watched the whole pot boil Pacing around your apartment Tasting your own disappointment One name inside a black binder Serves as a constant reminder Don’t you come back ‘til you find her (Don’t you come back) They have that tasty aroma Hold me and tell me it’s over I see them drinking lake water Looking for all their lost daughters Don’t you know I couldn’t find her (Don’t you know) What would I know? What would I know, now?
Picked it apart When we started I picked my part When we parted Feeling outnumbered Outsmarted Lost in our Compartments Sweat clung to all the walls Then left through the window It bonded with the sky (So what will I become) It rained into our lives (If I take a drink?)


released October 22, 2016

All songs written by Chalk

Michael Voller - vocals, guitar, synths
Forrest Fritz-Storhaug - drums
Anthony Casey - guitar, vocals
Jake Schemm - bass, vocals
Taylor Harrison - vocals
Sean Levine - synths, vocals


Tracked at The Sound Gallery in Minneapolis, MN by Jacob Mullis and Aaron Baum

Additional Tracking at Gold Sleeping Tubes in Minneapolis, MN by Tony Schurbon

Mixed by Tony Schurbon and Michael Voller at Gold Sleeping Tubes

Mastered by Ryan Olcott

Artwork by Brooklynd Turner


all rights reserved



Chalk Minneapolis, Minnesota


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